Quantum Circuit group of ENSL

General introduction

The Quantum Circuit group was funded in 2016. We explore the physics of information in quantum devices, which we design, realize and measure. These objects can be viewed as quantum machines processing information. Current interests of the group include amplification of quantum signals, quantum measurement backaction and feedback, thermodynamics of quantum information, microwave quantum optics, reservoir engineering, quantum hardware for computing, communication and sensing.

Role in QMiCS

In the Qmics project, the Quantum Circuit group has several tasks. First, we will build a photocounter for propagating microwave mode. Second, we will use entanglement and quantum limited detection in order to realize teleportation of a quantum state from one non-degenerate parametric converters to another. This teleportation will occur inside of a single dilution refrigerator in Lyon and if successful, will be reproduced in Garching between two refrigerators. Finally, we will use quantum illumination to demonstrate quantum enhanced sensing.