TTI (Technologies of Telecommunication and Information)

General introduction 

TTI is an SME founded in 1996 which comprises an expanding team of 100 highly qualified engineers from different nationalities well supported by key lab and fabrication assets. TTI works in the technological forefronts of space, military, telecommunications, science and information technology sectors. Its main expertise areas are cryogenics (design, manufacturing and testing of cryostats and cryogenic low-noise amplifiers), antennas (flat passive panels, phase arrays, electronic scanning systems), microwave and RF technologies (HPAs, SSPA, LNAs, Front-Ends, frequency converters and synthesizers, as well as integrated equipment, sub-systems and systems), and satellite systems engineering.

Role in QMiCS

TTI has large background designing and manufacturing cryogenic semiconductor LNAs for different frequency bands (>1000 units manufactured). In TTI, there are cryogenic testing and characterizing facilities, including reconfigurable laboratory cryostats up to 10 K with automatic measurement system of scattering parameters and noise temperature. In QMiCS, TTI will investigate and analyze available semiconductor technologies (InAs, InP, GaAs, etc) for cryogenic low noise amplifier development. Based on that, TTI will design and develop cryogenic LNAs at 600 MHz and 6 GHz to perform different experiments within QMiCS project.