• S. Pogorzalek, K. G. Fedorov, M. Xu, A. Parra-Rodriguez, M. Sanz, M. Fischer, E. Xie, K. Inomata, Y. Nakamura, E. Solano, A. Marx, F. Deppe, and R. Gross, “Secure quantum remote state preparation of squeezed microwave states,” Nature communications 10, 2604 (2019).
    [doi:10.1038/s41467-019-10727-7] [URL]


  • M. Sanz, K. G. Fedorov, F. Deppe, and E. Solano, “Challenges in Open-air Microwave Quantum Communication and Sensing,” in 2018 ieee conference on antenna measurements & applications (cama), 2018, p. 1–4.
    [doi:10.1109/CAMA.2018.8530599] [URL]
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